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Banana Shoes - Chetreo

I found this version last night. It’s pretty neat and needs some love. A nice conclusion to the squishiest day to have ever squished. Why hasn’t this guy made more music?


Banana Shoes - xXJerryTerryXx


Banana Shoes - liltommyj


Banana Shoes - Fatalyze


Walking Around In My Banana Shoes - motakay

hoopdoopbluhbluh (and others) in case you were wondering, the Kirby Super Star episode with that moment aired on the 26th of October.

On that day, we should all wear bananas on our feet.

what's up with banana shoes day? is it like the anniversary of that episode or something?
grump-music grump-music Said:

Nope. I just felt like it as there are a few songs on that moment and it’s pretty quiet on the remix scene at present. It’s not too far away though, now that you mention it.


Banana Shoes - Atpunk

Today I’m feeling a little bit fruity. You wouldn’t wanna be walking around in my shoes.

Real talk? I have no idea what Night of Nights is. I do know, however, that I like submissions. So please submit stuff if you wanna.

Wow, the JonTron commercial was funnier than his last two episodes.

There will be around 57-60 tracks in the next compilation. I’m leaving it open for the time being because it’s early days. Also, we haven’t had anything from Em-One or oddboy18 since their last tracks. 

Grumpy Jive - La Teverna Delle

Silly times are fun times. Yes?

Grumpnologic (Palpatine remix)- penguinsderp

Just listen. DEW IT!

Why I Cry (Mario Paint) - Ninja Sex Party/ridethespiral

I can barely get this thing to boop and this guy has covered NSP. I just NSPeed.