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Oy’ It’s So Humid - 2 Live Jews

Thank you, Danny. Thank you so much.


Jon Just Saw A Face - oddboy18

Sometimes Jon’s not a big back of dicks. 

Jon Just Saw A Face (oddboy18 piano cover) - Johan Forslund

This is a nice cover. If you’re not familiar with the oddboy track, stay tuned.

Jon’s Done - SutherSonic

Jon get’s angry and has an outburst. There’s a first time for everything, right?

Dance Banana - Tspeiro

" All these banana dances…. Good thing I wore my Banana Shoes." - Youtube user HybridAngelZero

Have you noticed that Game Grumps have a constant throwback to the number 7, Bananas, and Larry?

Let’s Go  - SutherSonic

I kinda wanna have a weird German techno dancing banana rave.

Arin’s Done - SutherSonic

I haven’t given SutherSonic enough love on this blog so let’s share some of his tracks.

Underneath The Yogurt (MicDrop Aruba) - Win The Fight Productions

The guys who did that Arin Moans, Jon Screams chiptune cover FUCKING DESTROY YogurtWithSprinkles Underneath The Water song with this awesome cover.

I love this so much.

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Unknown, I forgot. Sorry

This is my Exit Windows sound. If you know or are the person who made this, let me know please.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I believe Caddy was inspired by Jontron, and Jon was inspired by AVGN, which is why I made the comparisons. - GrumpMusic
grump-music grump-music Said:




well caddi never said anything but yeah I think he’s more like PBG if you ask me

Jon did say he’s inspired by avgn and his veeery first videos were similar to his but nowadays they aren’t

And I mean, Jon’s style is constantly changing. Look at daikatana, then sonic R, then Banjoo kazooie then nightshade and then one of the newer vids like bootleg pokemon or his very newest one. What i’m saying is, his style is unique but inconsistent and that can sometimes be bad but sometimes work in his favour ya feel

I appreciate that. And don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed JonTron a lot since I discovered him. But if you’re gonna say shitty things for the sake of being controversial he should be prepared for a backlash. I accept and enjoy his inconsistent style, however inconsistent quality is another issue. And he can’t address that if people don’t tell him he’s falling off. But I also don’t think he handles criticism very well.

I just think he needs to step his game up. He just seems fed up. You could tell he wasn’t really trying in PBG’s third hardcore.

I don’t agree with death threats and harassment though. That’s never okay. Whoever is doing that is a huge bag of dicks.

Posted on the wrong blog. Because the app is so great.


Kinda Lame - MADMac0498

Just a refresher so you guys know why I like this guy’s music. I mean, I used it in the Sing The Hits trailer so…

I Am A Jew - MADMac0498

Some acoustic Grumps for you. I like this guy too. I’m not a jew. But that’s okay too. I gotta go poo.

I think the reason he’s acting all controversial is because the recent run of Jontrons have been pretty lackluster, compared to when he was in California. They’re not as funny as they could have been. It’s like the magic has gone. He doesn’t seem as inspired. Do if you run your mouth and get bad attention, you’re still getting attention, right?

Honestly, if you wanna watch funny Jontron style reviews, watch Caddicarus. Or older JonTrons. Or AVGN.


Guys, I fucked up. I fucked up real bad.

This is what I do when I’m not blogging about game grumps remixes.


this is fantastic

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