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From Power Radish to Pause Balls. I talk about my favourite Grump fan remixes and occasionally post Not-So-Grump related stuff.

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Game Grumps Puppet Theatre - ‘Pass the Mustard, Batman’ - Ubmy

This is not a remix, but who doesn’t love Batman puppets?

Everything Is Cool - John Guy

Some more wubs for you, and if you aren’t into the wubs, then there’s plenty of other stuff to check out. If I knew I’d find this much music, I’d have made a queue.

MDK - Mega [MarkiJonTronKenGrump Remix] - KayoticK_

There’s a little bit of everything in here, just enjoy it. Also, check her out on tumblr.

About 20 minutes ago I was saying how there’s been pretty much nothing out. And then I have a lil looksie and all this content. I’m not sorry for dashboard spam. There may one or two more.

Baboom! (Atpunk chiptune cover) - Rytmik Retrobits/Atpunk

Classics rebooted with amazing results.

Grape on the Ground - Jarden Ens

I just… I just found this remix on the ground….

Real talk, this guy is getting better and I’m looking forward to seeing more from him.

Broadsword - Griffin Shaw

I missed this guy. How did I miss this guy? Listen to this please.

Rage Grumps - Griffin Shaw

An interesting use of probably the most overused Grump segment at the start without making it sound tired and samey. 

For Your Gaming Pleasure - TroyAnthony

This guy did the Next Time jingle, so I was excited to hear this when I saw the video pop up. It didn’t disappoint.

It’s quiet. So here’s this.

Goof Troop Boop (Chiptune cover) - Dippuh

From the dude who did that pretty boopin’ cover of Banana Shoes, comes the original boopin’ remix. All boops. ALL! BOOPS!

Killed a Guy - Tspeiro

I’m not a fan of Tspeiro’s style of music, but I can’t deny his talent. I’ve learned from the “Ultimate Game Grumps Remix” that you guys may like things that I’m not such a huge fan of so here’s some love for tspiero today.



New remix! Turned out pretty swell I think.

Always giving love to liltommyj.

Danny Gets Lost - MovieMasterAl

Back once again with another really catchy Grump remix.

This guy is becoming one of my favourite musicians. He’s rocking the Dan era with some classics. I don’t think he’s had a single mis-step.

Daddy I’m Hurt - Thaddeus Walster

Short and Sweet. Sometimes that’s all you need.