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From Power Radish to Pause Balls. I talk about my favourite Grump fan remixes and occasionally post Not-So-Grump related stuff.

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With regards to the album art for future Sing The Hits compilations, I don’t really want to use the same art that Sarsion used, so if you guys could recommend (or even knock something up) I’ll be happy to use it (credit, of course, will be given).

I’m thinking maybe end of October.

Arin’s Fury - Gooch Master

Gooch Master returns. Aww yeah!

Big Booty Conspiracy - MovieMasterAl

Warning! Arin rapping eminent. Hold on to your jams.

Down 2 Clown - Murda Hatchet Girlz

If Game Grumps has music that was inspired from the show on the OST, then this would be on the album with music from the motion picture. I am sorry.

Note: This will never appear on any sing the hits compilation. I don’t want spinnakers in MY ears.

Another Note: Harassing them is not cool. No matter what you think of them.

I have done some updating on the blog page.

Have you ever wanted to type in Jontron and find Jontron songs? But just never had the time?

Or would you ever like to see just the songs from e.g. Em-One?

Well today is your lucky day because I have made a Quick Search Page. Where you can quickly search pages with a simple click.

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies (But not mine.) Quick searching is here for everyone. Yay!!!!1

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Edit 2: it doesn’t work on mobile so if you are one of those people, you’ll just have to wait for blog searching to become a thing on the app. Yay, technology!

Grape on the Ground (Music Video) - perhapsHuman (Jarden Ens)

Have you ever wanted to see grapes on the ground? The guy who did the remix has a new channel. Not only that, but he’s kindly made a music video about picking grapes offa the graaaooouunnd.

What do you call a grape eating grass…. it’s a graisin’…

Secret of Mana - Alejandro Hernández

Welcome to ehe Secret of Mana. You’re about to embark on a quest with Dan and Arin. It will be so MOTHERFUCKIN’ TITS THAT YOUR LIFE WILL BE BULLSHIT UNTIL NOW!

His World - Neves

This guy just hit 1000 subscribers so he gave us this song. Go subscumb to him some more.

Also, whenever anybody brings up Sonic 06, do you get the urge to watch the whole GG playthrough again? I do.

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Is this spam? I am thinking this is spam.



*after sex*

me: gg 

why would you say game grumps after sex

Because it’s now 10pm and just in time for the third video!

(via stunningbubbles)

Laffy Taffy/Night Trap Dubstep Mashup - MulchCake

That Night Trap song is so Barry-awfully cheesy and I love it. It just needs to be heard. 

I Want To Break Free - Lakitwo

Yeah. You know exactly why I have kept this brief. Just wait.

Power Blade - MulchCake

I think today is a short and sweet boopin’ ass tune day.

Somebody To Love (Blunderbuss Remix) - Lakitwo

Can anybody find me a reason to not post this?