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Show Us A Replay (Song of Barry 2) - oddboy18

Featuring the lovelies at Magfest 11.

Underneath The Water - YougurtWithSprinkes

That Danny sample in the middle is something magical, and I want that to be my morning alarm.

This is probably one of the greatest remix moments in Grumps history, because there are so many different sounding tracks of the same few minutes.

POTUS and the Chinless Wonder- Jetkick

Jetkick doesn’t make grump music anymore (GoneTron2k13 casualty I think). But his tracks were always great quality. He’s missed, but the memories will always live on.

The Song Of Barry - oddboy18

I haven’t posted this before, because if I am honest, I don’t really like this song. However, it’s sort of an anthem for Mr. Kramer and it belongs on a Game Grumps music blog.

Also, Barry.


Rise of Lavos - PrinceBuffoon



Shoosh Shoosh Grump - Evdog Music

This goes out to birdurer. Barry and Suzy were used well here. We need more Steam Rolled because this was some nice work.


Rear End - Varia

Yeah, it’s dubstep, but like I said in the original post, it’s kinda catchy.


What You’re Saying To Me - ArchersOfAgincourt

Probably one of the more catchier JonTron samples out there. This guy needs more love.


Boy Band - oddboy18

Classic oddboy18 for your pleasure.


I was listening to If We Were Gay, followed by Color of the Game. I can’t unhear Dan’s harmonies over the angelic choir sounds in Color of the Game.

Listen yourselves and see if you get what I mean.

Also, it’s been a bit slow for remixes lately. Which is cool, cos you should create when you…

I fucking hate this app.


Posting in case anyone forgot that this was a thing.

Arin (Egoraptor) Hanson’s “Super Fiji Bros.”

I’ve not forgotten. I can’t forget this. We need a lot more Lemon and Bill.

(via grumping-it-up)

Thanks for the love.
I love you all too ♥♥♥♥♥♥

All Star (Smash Mouth Mashup) - apeminkie


Mr. Wilson Rap (Get Outta Here) - mpgiii

A throwback joint to almost a year ago (seriously, it’s been that long?) was just put out by mpgiii. It’s his last hurrah for a while, as far as Grump music goes, so please support him by giving this track a lot of love.

Back To Square Two - Neves Paradox

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Sonic 06!

This was part of his EP that I posted a while back. I don’t think I posted them separately, so I may do that.