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Posting in case anyone forgot that this was a thing.

Arin (Egoraptor) Hanson’s “Super Fiji Bros.”

I’ve not forgotten. I can’t forget this. We need a lot more Lemon and Bill.

(via grumping-it-up)

Thanks for the love.
I love you all too ♥♥♥♥♥♥

All Star (Smash Mouth Mashup) - apeminkie


Mr. Wilson Rap (Get Outta Here) - mpgiii

A throwback joint to almost a year ago (seriously, it’s been that long?) was just put out by mpgiii. It’s his last hurrah for a while, as far as Grump music goes, so please support him by giving this track a lot of love.

Back To Square Two - Neves Paradox

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Sonic 06!

This was part of his EP that I posted a while back. I don’t think I posted them separately, so I may do that.

In Hell - Neves Paradox

Just when you thought you were save… the Teletubbies return in remix form. I guess it’s back to square two.

Asker pipsteer Asks:
hey, just wanted to give a huge thank you for posting my stuff. I'm working on some other stuff now but I'll try to come up with more GG content in the future. You Rock!!
grump-music grump-music Said:

Nah dude, you rock. I love your music. Do what you wanna do, when you feel like doing it. The best things come when you feel you’re ready to do them. Just know that I’ll be here to share your grump stuff whenever it’s ready. I’ll be sure to check out your other works too.

ThePainIsReloaDED/ pipsteer everybody; Give them some love.


Underwater Jam - ThePainisReloaDED

My love for this version is eternal.
You know, between this, oddboy’s and FauxUmlaut’s version, the
Choices we have are excellent.
Also, this has some different samples. 
Really though, even versions by other artists are amazing.
Understand I am not biased in any way.
But srsly, I love this version.
Anyway, I have rambled on enough.

How I Feel (PiPsteer Remix) - ThePainIsReloaDED/liltommyj

You guys know I love me some liltommyj. You guys might know that I love me some ThePainIsReloaDED tracks too. pipsteer has made a nice remix of How I Feel. He says he’s got his eye on a Jerry Terry track too. I hope that comes out soon because we are seriously lacking in TPIR goodness.

I hope they make some original content soon too, because I loved their Underwater Jam. In fact, I’m gonna reblog it again.

Slow And Steady - iSandwitch

A new iSandwitch steam train remix. Enjoy folks.

Burn The Ocarina - Neves Paradox

I love this guy, and I love his music. Not strictly GG, but Arin and Jon talked about it so dang much in A Link To The Past it kinda belongs here. 

Straight Up - Paula Abdul/Crooked Cartridge

It’s more of a Donkey Kong Country remix than a Game Grumps remix but I like it.

Waking Nightmare - D.R. Skippy


I almost didn’t post this because of the lights. But I kinda like it. I don’t know why.

Grump Theme - violetfire

Remember when they only had two intros?

Chulip Two-Step Lullaby - Aurae

An overlooked and under appreciated classic remix.

Jon and autotune is amazing, just sayin’.